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Captain Dan’s Seafood Market has cases full of fresh seafood as well as some of our most popular seafood items like crabcakes and breaded shrimp available for carryout so you can prepare great seafood dinners at home. If you don’t feel like cooking, our entire menu is also available for carryout. All items in our market are available for NATIONWIDE DELIVERY. Please call for details.

The market also has a great selection of seafood spices, sauces, soup mixes, crab cake mix, batters and dips as well as a wide variety of fresh seafood.

Seafood Market – Current Prices

Shrimp, Seafood, Fish, Clams

Large Shrimp (21-25ct) Raw or Steamed $23.95 lb
Jumbo Shrimp (10-15ct) Raw or Steamed $25.95 lb
Snow Crab Legs – X-lg $29.95 lb
Flounder – Frozen $16.95 lb
Large Sea Scallops – Raw $29.95 lb
Crabmeat – Claw $19.95 lb
Fresh Crabmeat – Backfin (Lump) Market – please call
Fresh Crabmeat – Jumbo Lump  Market – please call
Fresh Crabcake – 4 oz. $12.95 each
Fresh Crabcake – 6.5 oz. $20.95 each
Shrimp Salad $19.95 lb
Lake Trout (Breaded or Fried) $16.95 lb
Flounder (Breaded or Fried) $16.95 lb
Shrimp (Breaded or Fried) $24.95 lb

Oysters, Select Oysters & Soft Shell Crabs (Seasonal)

Jumbo Soft Shells – Raw $12.95 ea
Whale Soft Shells – Raw $14.95 ea
Colossal Soft Shells – Raw $16.95 ea
Select Oysters – 1/2 Pint $14.95
Select Oysters – Pint $27.95
Select Oysters – Quart $54.95
Select Oysters – Gallon $149.00
Md Oysters – Shell Raw Doz $14.95
Md Oysters – Shell Raw 1/2 Peck (2 doz) $24.95
Md Oysters – Shell Raw Peck (4 doz) $43.95
Md Oysters – Shell Raw Bushel $132.95
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